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Our Mission

Freedom Lots is on a mission to provide the very best prices on vacant lots to help you invest in your wealth and freedom through land acquisition. 


Find your freedom lot

Browse our available lots and find your dream parcel. Perform all your research and due diligence on the land. We are here to help with any questions that arise.

payment of financing options

Decide whether you would like to pay for your land in full upon closing or take advantage of Freedom Lots Financing on select lots to secure your parcel.

Start enjoying your land

Once all paperwork has been completed and terms of financing or payment in full is accepted, you may begin to enjoy your lot and make improvements.

About Us

We are a veteran owned and operated small business that believes land is one of the most advantageous assets you can own. Land not only creates generational wealth that can be passed on to whom ever you please, it can also be enjoyed in so many ways. Land creates memories, land creates wealth and land creates freedom. We started Freedom Lots to provide the opportunity to own a piece of American land to any individual or family who wishes to do so.  We hope you enjoy your new piece of land for many years to come. We thank you for entrusting us with your lot purchase!


Why are the prices on your land so low?

We have many sources of acquiring land and often go through hundreds of available parcels to find a single Freedom Lot to acquire and offer for sale to our clients. There are no middle men, no real estate agents and no unnecessary fees with our services, this allows us to offer the most competitive prices available on all Freedom Lots. 

Are you a real estate agent?

No, we are the owners of the land or have exclusive marketing rights from the owners and in general we do not use real estate agents to advertise or sell most lots. 

Do Freedom Lots have utilities?

Unless noted specifically on the listing, the land for sale from Freedom Lots are in rural areas where you can enjoy the off-the-grid green lifestyle. Be sure to look into options for each utility you will need for your off-grid land prior to close.

What can I do with my land?

You are free to do what you want with your land as long as you abide buy all laws by those who govern the property. Be sure to research with the local county and any governing agencies about the specifics of your particular land if you have specific questions on improvements and uses for your parcel.

Are there any back taxes or liens on the property?

Unless specifically noted on the listing, we ensure the land is free and clear of all liens and back taxes at the time of transfer.

Does my Freedom Lot come with mineral rights?

Unless specifically stated, mineral rights are generally not included with vacant land, if for any reason we acquire mineral rights when we purchase the property all rights will be passed along to the new owner.

How do I find the property?

We provide all information on each listing including GPS coordinates, Google Maps, known county or access roads etc. Please refer to this information or contact the associated county. If you still need additional information we are here to help!