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Out in the verdant landscape of Florida’s sweetest spot for outdoor adventures lies a quaint 1-acre lot in the verdant landscape of Polk County! Sitting along the tree lines of Lake Caloosa Landing, this cozy little lot is just a mile away from downtown Frostproof! Readily equipped with easy road access, you’ll get to enjoy the quiet side of the city but not be too far away from it!

The town sits along Central Florida’s Scenic Highway and is home to some of the best outdoor recreational activities that take you up close and personal with the region’s naturally-beautiful landscape. Enjoy a piece of Frostproof’s fascinating history when you visit the Frostproof Historical Museum or a secluded hike in Lake Wales Ridge State Forest and its long and winding hiking trails. But if you prefer a short walk, Hickory Lake Scrub is the place for you.

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Parcel Number 27-31-22-929590-000250
County Polk
State Florida
City Frostproof
Zip Code 33843
Parcel Size 1.00 acre
Legal Description


GPS Coordinates

27.763219, -81.602130

Elevation 138 ft
Access to Property Paved Rd

Parcel ID 27-31-22-929590-000250 is located in the Agricultural Residential Rural (A/RR) land use district of Lake Caloosa Landing within the Southeast Selected Area Plan. Currently, this parcel meets the requirements to have 1 dwelling unit (1 Single Family Residence or 1  Mobile Home) pending building permit approval.

Terrain Level
Tax Amount


HOA No access for an HOA

Well 813-470-5700


Septic 863-519-8330


Peace River 863-767-4671

MLS# 27-31-22-929590-000250


The map ID you have entered does not exist. Please enter a map ID that exists.

GPS Coordinates (4 Corners):

27.763810, -81.602280

27.763814, -81.601969

27.762613, -81.601969

27.762613, -81.602277


Cash Price $19,400
Payment Plan Available
Doc Fee (Closing Costs)